Magpie 6, cyclist nil

So, I thought I’d try exploring a private road I’d never ridden before this morning alongside some local heritage parklands in the Sydney suburb of Concord. Turns out it was a dead end and, worse, it was also home to a rather feisty magpie. He attacked me out of the blue the first time. But I knew I had to ride back again to get home so being the opportunist all bloggers are, I figured I may as well film the return journey. No blood was shed. But as you’ll see, a few colourful words were uttered. Sorry mum.

4 thoughts on “Magpie 6, cyclist nil

  1. Try holding your water bottle on top of your helmet. Don’t panic and ride at a safe pace. Squeeze a few jets of water when the bugger swoop. They get confused. On average it has worked for me.

  2. Hmmm… private dead-end road, lined with trees… the entrance into Dame Eadith Walker? Or Rivendell?

    I ride to work in Concord, so would be keen to know roads to avoid!

    Each magpie season I avoid Rickard St – often get swooped there.

    Great blog by the way. One of my mates did the Zoo to Zoo with you and told me about your blog.

  3. I’m still laughing (3 years on) about the poor bugger who rode into the back of a parked car while trying to fend off a maggie. Waving an arm wildly and not looking where he was going.

    Just put your head down and ride. It’s not going to hurt you. Treat it as interval training if you must.

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