Keeping up with the peloton

Look, I’m not poor. But nor am I rich. In a sport where holding on to the bunch is a key survival strategy this is proving something of a problem right now. You see, my current carbon steed is approaching 5 years old. It’s a great bike, versatile, comfortable to ride, fast(ish). We’ve travelled 30,000km+ together … More Keeping up with the peloton

Saddled with a dilemma

Rule #29 clearly states: No European Posterior Man-Satchels: Saddle bags have no place on a road bike, and are only acceptable on mountain bikes in extreme cases. I’ve always liked this rule for its ability to preserve the visual integrity of the bicycle. After all who wants to see a saddle bag swinging in the breeze … More Saddled with a dilemma


So, barely three days into 2015 and there’s a global cluster f**k of confusion erupting on every cycling addict’s favourite app, Strava. Sure it may be a colossal first world problem, but I really don’t get why the whole 2015 KOM was necessary in the first place. I know we’re all ‘cup whores’ and derive no end … More KOM WTF

Terrible reception for world’s best cyclists

The fourth instalment of the USA Pro Challenge is currently taking place in Colorado. Whilst the scenery is undeniably magnificent one thing that’s been hard not to notice is the diabolically sketchy TV reception the coverage periodically suffers from given the trinity of challenges posed by demanding terrain, epic altitude and constantly-changing alpine weather. The final kilometres of … More Terrible reception for world’s best cyclists

The Sirens

No need to look at the clock radio. Your internal body clock tells you it’s 4:45am. And it most certainly is. Time to rise and prepare for your ubiquitous early morning ride. Except that unlike the previous six months, the season has most certainly changed in recent weeks, and the chill on your nose and … More The Sirens

Classic Rider Quotes #98 (aka “the yum cha excuse”)

This might just be the best/weirdest excuse for not performing in a race ever. It happened this morning during the usual post-race dissection at the 2014 Colnago Cup in Sydney, hosted by the Waratahs Masters Cycling Club. The weather was gorgeous. The fields were massive (nearly 100 in A-grade alone). And my mate Geoff pipes up with the … More Classic Rider Quotes #98 (aka “the yum cha excuse”)

A pointy dilemma

Point-to-point racing is the real deal. In many ways it’s as close as most of us two-wheeled hacks will ever get to riding in a ‘proper’ road race like the pros. But having done it a few times now – and not being supported like riders in professional and semi-pro teams – it does raise … More A pointy dilemma