Hi. Peter here. I’ve been a writer for more than twenty-five years. And a serious cyclist for about ten. Unless you count BMX as a kid. In which case I’ve been a cyclist, well, pretty much forever. I love riding. I love writing. And here I can indulge in both. My day-to-day profession is advertising. But between work and riding/racing myself, I also write for Bicycling Australia magazine and, occasionally, other titles like Cycling Central. I also ride an Izalco Max which I’m rather fond of, and have even been known to venture on to the track. Sometimes I even win.

Twitter @carbonaddiction

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Brilliant articles Peter. Well written and thoroughly enjoyed. Saved this link on My Favourites ,,, with cycling news, bikeexchange ….

  2. Pete, I’m a big fan of your writing style, witty, informative & just so damn easy to read.
    It makes my happy to see how you’ve grown leaps & bounds into the fantastic sport of cycling & how it’s influenced your life so positively! It’s great to see & keep the great content coming…If you need inspiration, I’d happily contribute 🙂

  3. I love your work Pete – as ever an eloquent summary and you can feel the emotion coming off the page(s)… thank you.

  4. Nothing annoys me greater than seeing a headline somewhere and having to click a link to someone’s boring blog. Not the case here. I love your writing style. It’s witty, concise and insightful.
    As you don’t sell anything, I cannot support your commercial ventures, but I can a) thank you for a different perspective on riding and b) recommending your blog to others, which I have just done.

    Keep up the good word

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