Could this be the best cycling kit you’ve never heard of?

Every day another brand of cycling kit seems to come along. It’s not so surprising I guess when you consider how much our sport continues to grow. A bit like buying a new car, the explosion of choice in the past five years or so mean there’s something out there for virtually any type of cyclist, from cheap and cheerful to uber expensive luxury and, yes, everything in between. Not sure about you but my wardrobe currently boasts seven different brands of jerseys; and they’re all pretty good.


One brand I became aware of this year through my involvement with the Cellarbrations Racing Team in the NRS is CCN. Hand on heart, this time last year I’d never heard of them. But I have to say I’ve been pretty impressed, especially given their pricing represents seriously good value. In fact, it’s such good value, at first I assumed the quality would be dreadful. I was wrong; the bib shorts in particular are probably the most comfortable ones I own. Whilst it’s not the top of the line for quality, it’s certainly not bad – and I can personally vouch it’s a long, long way from the bottom. The way I see things, this means it’s well worth considering for any club, charity ride or even just a bunch of mates who want to create their own kit without breaking the bank.

Who are they?
The CCN brand has been around for about 13 years and is currently worn by several UCI registered teams. But it’s only more recently that it’s arrived in Australia. They do all the usual items of kit in pretty much any colour and style you like, with remarkably fast turnaround times. Something else that really caught my attention is their minimum order quantities. They don’t have any. You can order one item. Or one thousand. Having looked at quite a few different options for ‘Carbon Addiction’ kit in the last 18 months I can’t recall any other supplier offering this in Australia right now. It’s pretty darn appealing.

If you want to find out more, you can get in touch with Mark Neiwand through the CCN Sportswear Australia page on Facebook or email

CCN’s latest addition is a range of reflective jerseys and bibs which are likely to be popular with commuters and anyone else who finds themselves riding at the start and/or the end of the day.

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Disclosure: Like everything on Carbon Addiction, this post is unpaid. However as stated above I do have a loose connection with CCN through the Cellarbrations NRS team which is how I first came to own CCN riding kit this year, and why I feel qualified to comment on it.


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