Bicycle versus horse

It’s almost Melbourne Cup time. So just for fun, here’s a little film showing what happens when a pro cyclist (two time Lanterne Rouge winner, Jimmy Capser) takes on a horse. Granted, this nag has a buggy to pull unlike the horses on Tuesday. But it’s interesting to compare the two nonetheless. Giddyup.

Lizard 1. Boy 0.

Finally it happened. In a family of cyclists I guess it was only a matter of time before one of us would come a cropper. On Saturday morning my 6-year old son became to the first of us to break a bone in pursuit of bike racing glory, sadly smashing into the tarmac on a … More Lizard 1. Boy 0.

Go the ‘pies

Admist all the new socks, undies and other Father’s Day celebrations, let’s not forget it’s also the first day of Spring here in Australia. Which of course means one thing: cranky magpies.