Hot racing at Bay Crits, very hot

How hot is southern Australia right now? Well, rather than answer that, how about we just compare the percentage of finishers (below) for the first two stages in this year’s Mitchelton Bay Cycling Classic crit series versus last year – remembering both stages have been held on exactly the same courses. Obviously this is far … More Hot racing at Bay Crits, very hot

Musical bottles

The cycle of life for a bidon on a hot day is a fascinating thing. It’s no better demonstrated than last Saturday’s Grafton to Inverell Classic, where temperatures up on the Gibraltar range and beyond soared well into the high 30s, accompanied by fierce head and crosswinds. At the post-race awards dinner, the organisers announced they’d handed … More Musical bottles

Terrible reception for world’s best cyclists

The fourth instalment of the USA Pro Challenge is currently taking place in Colorado. Whilst the scenery is undeniably magnificent one thing that’s been hard not to notice is the diabolically sketchy TV reception the coverage periodically suffers from given the trinity of challenges posed by demanding terrain, epic altitude and constantly-changing alpine weather. The final kilometres of … More Terrible reception for world’s best cyclists

The Sirens

No need to look at the clock radio. Your internal body clock tells you it’s 4:45am. And it most certainly is. Time to rise and prepare for your ubiquitous early morning ride. Except that unlike the previous six months, the season has most certainly changed in recent weeks, and the chill on your nose and … More The Sirens