The long road back: 8 week special

Yep, today marks exactly 8 weeks since I was sliced open just before Christmas. While much has improved with my busted shoulder, plenty hasn’t and there’s still a long way to go. And if I ever forget, well, each of these things remind me pretty quickly and often bring a tear to my eye.

Things that still hurt 8 weeks post surgery:
  1. Getting out of bed
  2. Using the handbrake
  3. Sitting upright for extended periods of time
  4. Putting in eye drops (long story, just trust me)
  5. Trying to swim – possibly the dumbest idea I’ve had so far
  6. Tearing plastics bags off the roll in the fruit & veg department
  7. Dropping things – anything – due to the instant reflex to try and catch them. Agony.
  8. Sudden movements, especially when my kids hide behind the door and scare the beejaysus out of me
  9. Opening/closing the car boot
  10. Putting on/taking off polo shirts (of which I own many)
  11. Doing physio – it may be doing me good, but it’s not a lot of fun.


And for some more sobering news, I just had a look at the ‘Fitness’ and ‘Fatigue’ data in my Strava account. Apparently I’m pretty much at my lowest ebb since March 2012. Brilliant 😦

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 5.04.57 pm

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