Riding his own story: 12-year old Mitchell Neiwand’s big day out

He carries one of the more recognisable surnames in Australian cycling. Last month 12-year-old Mitchell Neiwand wrote his own impressive chapter in a story that stretches all the way back to the late 19th Century when Alf Middleton, on the maternal side of the family, won the 1894 Austral Wheelrace on the hallowed turf of … More Riding his own story: 12-year old Mitchell Neiwand’s big day out

Four (not-so-pleasant) laps of the Mt Pleasant City Circuit

Thanks to FulGaz, I’ve just completed a full four-lap test ride of the Mount Pleasant City Circuit that will decide all the road races at the upcoming 2022 UCI Road World Championships in Wollongong. My ride was around 65km all up with 1,200 metres of climbing. The elite men will tackle this circuit 12 times, … More Four (not-so-pleasant) laps of the Mt Pleasant City Circuit

A Sunday spin.

Am I too close to the front? Yeah, there’s a long way to go in this thing. Only takes one of the leaders to swing off and I’m in the breeze. Way too soon. Need to ease back and keep the matches dry. I don’t have that many to begin with these days; Father Time … More A Sunday spin.

Why forgiveness shouldn’t eliminate consequences

Ride on the road long enough and it’s almost inevitable you’ll be hit by a car, or know someone who has been. Sadly, like many reading this post, I know far too many whose lives have been forever changed due to the inattention, or more intentional misdeeds, of an errant motorist. Watching them, and their … More Why forgiveness shouldn’t eliminate consequences

‘All’ cyclists

Let me start this post with a confession. I have precisely zero idea who that guy is who rode straight through that red light in front of you the other day. Just like you don’t know every car driver who speeds past you on the freeway. This is a big country you know, around 25 … More ‘All’ cyclists