Steal yourself against bike thieves

A warning for us all. Based on the Police account of events in Sydney last weekend, it seems bikes are the new flat screen TVs in the eyes of break and enter gangs; the expensive objects of choice.

Club-mate Warren S was the victim of a costly break and enter at his Breakfast Point apartment complex in the early hours of last Sunday morning, which resulted in three bikes collectively worth over $20,000 being taken brazenly in full view of the CCTV system.

“Some low life broke into my garage during the rain last Saturday night – apparently Police say break-ins are more common during bad weather – and stole my Colnago CLX, Trek Madone 7 (just 2 months old, one-of-a-kind and easily identifiable) and my son’s Ironhorse mountain bike,” he explains.

Despite having a significant insurance policy, his bikes were only covered for a nominal amount each, something that will see Warren significantly out of pocket and another very good reason for us all to go home tonight and carefully check the fine print in our contents insurance policies.

Somewhat ironically, Warren pointed out that one of his most valuable bikes in the garage wasn’t taken. I guess thieves aren’t the brightest lights on the handlebars.

“I would really appreciate if you could circulate around your riding buddies and let me know if anything turns up.”

Sure can mate.

If anyone out there happens to see one of Warren’s bikes (see photos), or perhaps hears about someone trying to offload them, please contact the police. Or get in touch and I’ll put you in contact with Warren.

image-1 08_sunday_expert_large image

One thought on “Steal yourself against bike thieves

  1. Many thanks Peter, I hope all fellow riders become more vigilant in protecting their valuable bikes – I have learned my lesson the hard way. No more “won’t happen to me….”

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