Steal yourself against bike thieves

A warning for us all. Based on the Police account of events in Sydney last weekend, it seems bikes are the new flat screen TVs in the eyes of break and enter gangs; the expensive objects of choice. Club-mate Warren S was the victim of a costly break and enter at his Breakfast Point apartment … More Steal yourself against bike thieves

White time for cycling?

The 2014 Winter Olympic Games begin this Friday in the Russian seaside city of Sochi. As always the world is in for a 2-week winter wonderland, boasting such heart-racing ‘sports’ as curling and ice dancing. Which got me thinking. Given we’re smack in the middle of cyclocross season right now, together with the unstoppable rise of freestyle … More White time for cycling?

Well, blow me

I’ve had plenty of races cancelled because of rain, but never one because of the wind. Until this week. Despite the clearest of blue skies Mother Nature had been blowing ferociously all day. Keen to race, I’d been thinking of echelons and wondering which wheels to use. In the end it was a decision I didn’t … More Well, blow me