The long road back: Part 8


Part 8: One lump or two?

The good news is things are definitely improving. The bad news is this is making life even more frustrating at the moment. It’s exactly one month since my operation today, and as long as I sit perfectly still on my lounge room sofa – a place I’m spending the bulk of my days – I feel almost normal. Problem is, of course, life requires moving and moving means I’m constantly reminded that, no, actually the shoulder is still pretty messed up. Darn it. I’ve been on the trainer a few more times now, the longest stint so far has been a modest 35 minutes while watching Stage 1 of the Tour Down Under last Tuesday. It’s the first year since 2012 I haven’t actually been in Adelaide to cover the race for the magazine, which is a bit depressing. That said I’ve really enjoyed watching the racing so far on TV. It’s such a great event. If you’ve never done it, put it on your bucket list.

As the swelling in my shoulder continues to subside I’m now able to get a much better idea of exactly what the surgeon has done to it. To the front of the shoulder, the area surrounding the screw in my coracoid process is still very tender, but not really affecting my general movement any more. The plate and screws in my scapula at the back, however, are proving bloody annoying. There’s a distinct lump where the plate starts, right on the point of my shoulder blade, which seems to pull whenever I do my current shoulder exercises (reminiscent of what Barbara Eden does with her arms when granting wishes in ‘I Dream of Jeanie’). Because it juts out a bit the plate is also decidedly uncomfortable when sleeping. True, this may well be normal. But it doesn’t mean I have to like it.

The other thing I’m noticing is that as the pain continues to subside from my trio of bone fractures and the surgery to fix them, the effects of the AC separation are becoming more apparent once again. The area around the shoulder/clavicle joint is still very tender and, contrary to my earlier post, I do still have a lump, although not as pronounced as immediately after the crash. ‘Nah, you’re still deformed Dad, but not as bad!’ Thanks son.

Amidst all the physical stuff, I’m still wading through the endless administrative tasks of trying to get my income protection and health fund claims sorted. Seriously, filling out all these forms and trying to manage my highly-strained finances is sucking the life out of me. Just when you think you’re done another bill or information request rolls in. It occurred to me that at the current rate I may actually be better by the time they’ve been processed!

It’s still 10 days until I’m due to see the surgeon again. Hopefully I’ll get the all clear then to start proper physio and the real recovery can begin…

Days since op: 31
Days since crash: 48
Shirt removal pain-o-meter:  3/10
Riding: Light spin on the trainer 2-3 times/week


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