Spanish Wasp vs Italian waif

“Italian regains GC lead despite fighting wasp sting”

Now there’s a headline you don’t see every day. But it happened yesterday at the Vuelta a Espana as Vincenzo Nibali reclaimed the GC lead, despite battling with the effects of a wasp sting sustained on a training ride the day before the race’s lone individual time trial.

Sporting a swollen face with puffy, red eyes as he rode down the starter’s ramp on Wednesday, Nibali later queried anti-doping regulations which essentially meant he was unable to receive the usual medical treatment for such a sting.

I understand what he’s saying, and it couldn’t have been much fun, but where do you draw the line?

To take things to the extreme, plenty of people are medically required to use EPO and steroids on a regular basis, for example. Just to stay healthy. What if they wanted to be pro cyclists?

And what about all the shonky doctors prepared to say pretty much anything if they’re being paid enough?

A nest of wasps? It’s a can of worms.


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