Dumbest ideas in cycling #2: Bicycle Rego

Once or twice a year, typically when it gets bored with running stories on P-platers, banks, diets and dodgy tradesmen, the media gets all arsy with road cyclists. And inevitably the conversation will yet again raise the issue of bike registration; surely one of the dumbest ideas in the history of dumb ideas.

There are so many reasons for this I can’t possibly table them all here. Google it if you have a spare few hours.

But to suggest getting cyclists to register their bikes will solve anything, or make the roads any safer, is simply absurd. It certainly hasn’t done much to stop car accidents over the years.

All I can really see is an opportunistic bureaucratic money-spinner (where you can bet the vast majority of revenue won’t be spent on bicycle safety programs or infrastructure, anyway). Worse, the added cost and hassle would no doubt keep a lot of riders, and potential ones, off their bikes in the first place – surely the exact opposite of what Governments should be trying to do. Overnight thousands of mums, dads and kids will be turned into two-wheeled law-breakers. And I’m sure our already over-worked Police force will be delighted at the thought of chasing unregistered BMX bandits and hipsters through the streets all weekend.

What’s next? Implanting RFiD tags in our foreheads?

bike rego

3 thoughts on “Dumbest ideas in cycling #2: Bicycle Rego

  1. But Pete, it’s a great idea! Car rego has been 100% effective in stopping drivers from running red lights and stop signs, speeding, driving drunk, failing to give way and eliminated hit and runs…oh wait

  2. Personally I think bike rego is a good idea, but not for the reasons that ACA or Alan Jones would believe.

    First off, it gives riders the right to shout back at dumbass drivers that they pay for the roads too (even though most of us do indirectly through gst, car rego, tax etc)

    Secondly, it encourages riders to be more careful about what they do, and to abide by road rules, as they could be charged without being pulled over by police.

    Thirdly, it could give riders more rights on the road, no longer could it be argued that a rider cannot do something because they do not pay or cannot be identified.

    It could be a way to offer third party or injury insurance to riders as well, similar to a green slip, or the current cycling Australia licence.

    I think the only way it could work is if it is voluntary, and just like car rego, is done at cost. Identification could be acheived via RFID, or similar tagging system used on car motorways in conjunction with a sticker on the bike, that could also potentially be used to identify it if stolen.

    Sorry to agree with a bad idea.

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