Everyone else has an opinion on the Chris Froome salbutamol situation. Here’s ours… (1) IT ISN’T EVEN CLOSE Okay, we get it. Mistakes happen. But for any rider to register TWICE the legally accepted amount of a WADA-monitored substance in their body is rather a lot. At best it’s sloppy and unprofessional. At worst it’s … More FROOME vs SALBUTAMOL: 6 OBSERVATIONS

Doping and the fine art of selective forgiveness

Selective forgiveness. def. The act of forgiving one person for their behaviour, but not forgiving another person who did the same thing. For some time now I’ve been quite fascinated, and often perplexed, observing how differently social and mainstream media react to different doping fiascos, largely dependent upon where that athlete is from. Some suggest these … More Doping and the fine art of selective forgiveness