Respect the rainbow

Dear Mr Cookson, As you well know, there are myriad issues the ‘new’ UCI needs to address. From doping controls and an amnesty to finally help jetison (much of) the baggage of the past, to more sustainable team structures and properly supporting the talent-rich but too-often neglected world of women’s cycling, you will be a … More Respect the rainbow

Rainbow Warriors

The Tour may be the race everyone dreams of winning. But the rainbow stripes of a World Championship aren’t far behind. The quest begins for the 2013 elite this weekend in Tuscany, with the TTTT (Trade Team Time Trials) tomorrow, followed by the ITTs and Road Races for women, men and U23’s. In addition to … More Rainbow Warriors

Life in the shadows

It’s common knowledge that complete pelotons of riders will spend their entire careers rolling in the shadows of more illustrious team-mates. But less spoken about is that there are plenty of events out there that suffer the same fate. Take the Tour of Austria, for example, the 65th edition of which will begin on Sunday. … More Life in the shadows

Balancing act

The first thing that made me laugh about this video was the introduction to the “pumped up East German” (yeah, I bet he was). But that’s not why I’ve posted this video of the Gold Medal men’s sprint at the 1990 World Track Championships. Scroll to 3:30 and enjoy the slowest ‘sprint’ you’re ever likely … More Balancing act

The money cycle

At the risk of stating the bleeding obvious, cycling is expensive. For individuals, yes. But even more so for teams. Which brings us swiftly to the topic of sponsorship. And the never-ending tension between desperately needing money to succeed, and selling your souls to the corporate devil. Where do you draw the line? The history … More The money cycle