Which road to take?

  It’s a dilemma facing middle-aged club racers all over Australia. You’re good, but you could be better. You’re fit, but you could be fitter. If only you had the time… There comes a time in every club racing cyclist’s life when he or she has to make a choice. Before you are two roads. … More Which road to take?

Who needs training?

There’s a saying in cycling that says something along the lines of “racing is the best form of training.” Whilst perhaps not entirely accurate, it’s entirely possible in Sydney for the next 5 months or so to ride 300km+ a week doing nothing more than racing crits. Last night marked the start of Penrith CC’s … More Who needs training?

Agro at SOP

I’ve seen plenty of agro in mid-week pacelines over the last few years. But this morning might just take the cake… Towards the end of the first 5km lap at SOP, a male rider (who perhaps belonged in a lower group) was in the big gears and really struggling. He was taking an absolute eternity … More Agro at SOP

Spare tyres

One look around the ride group says it all. Not all cyclists are created equal. And nor are their bodies. Which gives some of those rolling amongst us a distinctly unfair advantage. I think you know who I mean: yes, the fat guys. Now at this point, a disclosure. I’m skinny. And it’s not fair. … More Spare tyres