Why forgiveness shouldn’t eliminate consequences

Ride on the road long enough and it’s almost inevitable you’ll be hit by a car, or know someone who has been. Sadly, like many reading this post, I know far too many whose lives have been forever changed due to the inattention, or more intentional misdeeds, of an errant motorist. Watching them, and their … More Why forgiveness shouldn’t eliminate consequences

Selling understanding

Given we can’t all up and move to the Netherlands, improving on-road safety for Australian cyclists is a complicated issue. With decades of cultural inertia and car-focussed infrastructure to be overcome, there is no silver bullet. No one thing will solve all the problems; certainly not one that can be implemented quickly and inexpensively in … More Selling understanding

Terrorists on wheels

It’s true. We’re bloody everywhere on the roads these days. You can’t leave your driveway without seeing us lot in ever-increasing numbers. And we’re a danger to society; rolling accidents waiting to happen as we clog roads every morning and evening on the daily commute. When they invariably happen, the financial, physical and emotional cost … More Terrorists on wheels