Season’s bleatings

Welcome to the first day of Autumn. Not too dissimilar to the first day of Summer here in Sydney which was a real stinker, it too is living up to all seasonal stereotypes – rain, win, cooler temperatures and plenty of foliage strewn all over our already-weather-beaten suburban roads. Not exactly great conditions for hack … More Season’s bleatings

Wet vs Warm

It rained pretty hard in Sydney this morning. Whilst all my gear was set out in the lounge room, as always, ready for me to hit the road on my usual Tuesday training ride…I never made it out of bed. Sure I felt a little guilty, but I reckon I did the right thing. Of … More Wet vs Warm


You can be the hardest storm rider on two wheels. But when those ever-so-sensible commissaires protect us from our own (flawed) bravado and say “no, there’s to be no racing today – too dangerous” as happened at circuits across Sydney this morning, well that’s that. Sure, we’re not racing the Giro di Lombaria here, but … More Fun…cancelled

No show = no-no

We’ve all been there. That moment when we simply can’t be bothered getting up. Perhaps it’s a bit cold. A bit wet. Or maybe your head is hazy from the previous night’s festivities? Whatever the cause, it’s the last chance to make it to the morning’s starting point on time. And the only movement you … More No show = no-no