The great danger myth

There are many recurring conversations in road cycling. Leg shaving. Tyre choice. PEDs and TUEs. Gear ratios. Coffee preference. The list goes on. But one of the more common conversations I’ve heard a fair bit over the years goes along the lines of this: “Yeah, I’d love to race, but it’s way too dangerous. I’d … More The great danger myth

Who needs training?

There’s a saying in cycling that says something along the lines of “racing is the best form of training.” Whilst perhaps not entirely accurate, it’s entirely possible in Sydney for the next 5 months or so to ride 300km+ a week doing nothing more than racing crits. Last night marked the start of Penrith CC’s … More Who needs training?

Well, blow me

I’ve had plenty of races cancelled because of rain, but never one because of the wind. Until this week. Despite the clearest of blue skies Mother Nature had been blowing ferociously all day. Keen to race, I’d been thinking of echelons and wondering which wheels to use. In the end it was a decision I didn’t … More Well, blow me

Join the club

Cycling is a resilient beast. Despite a never-ending paceline of controversy and muck raking at the elite level, you just need to look around to see the sport is booming in Australia at a grass roots level. Bikes sales are off the scale. Riders of all ages can be seen pounding the pedals pretty much … More Join the club

The vanishing

It pays to pay attention when racing, and not just for safety reasons. A clubmate of mine won a pretty big race this morning in rather extraordinary fashion; so extraordinary, in fact, plenty in the field of 30-odd riders didn’t even realise he was off the front until the post-race presentation! With two 5km laps … More The vanishing

Drawing a line

I saw something while out racing yesterday that made me smile. The venue was Landsdowne Park in Sydney’s south west, a purpose-built criterium circuit that I’ve always been rather fond of. The hosts of yesterday’s race, Waratahs Masters Cycling Club, have been criticised at this same venue in the past due, somewhat ironically, to their … More Drawing a line