Classic Cycling Quotes #123

Funny conversation over breakfast in Strahan last week, half-way through a 500km ride across Tasmania. When asked by an elderly lady why on earth he was riding from Devonport to Hobart, one of our bunch, Pete G, replied: “I’m doing it for my wife’s charity.” Hugely impressed by his generosity and commitment to his wife, she then … More Classic Cycling Quotes #123

Sad but true

With the ongoing on-road and online aggravation, media sensationalism and pointlessly exhausting debate over bike rego, this quote quite often rings true at the moment. Sigh.

Classic Rider Quotes #74

This was posted to Facebook yesterday, as it became clear Chris Horner had the measure of Vincenzo Nibali and, as such, was well on his way to a truly remarkable Vuelta title; not one for the ages, but the aged. “Pee clean Chris, pee clean.” Tim Morrisey, Facebook.