Many mountains to climb

Australia is rather a large island with a spectacular array of places to turn your pedals. Whether home for you is Adelaide or Canberra, Sydney or Perth, Hobart or Brisbane, virtually all of our major cities sit within easy reach of some truly magnificent riding, not to mention the bulk of our regional centres. Then, … More Many mountains to climb

Shining examples

One of the grestest things about cycling is surely its inclusivity? There’s no better example than another entrant from Saturday’s race up Mt Buller. This guy. On that bike. An old reconditioned pink Repco ladies’ step through, complete with dodgy tyres and mud guards. He rode the entire course with a couple of friends in … More Shining examples

Peak performance

Having spent the best part of two decades in the advertising business, I’ve long been an admirer of the way Victorian Tourism have gone about their business. Queensland do okay, NT and SA have had their moments, and NSW keeps on trying with varying degrees of success. But it’s the Vics who, for mine, have … More Peak performance