Oh. Yeah. Baby.

Forget team buses. Let’s talk London buses. No TDF wins for Orica-GrennEDGE. Then two come along at once. And Gerrans in yellow. Great days (and nights) to be an Australian cycling fan right now.


So GreenEDGE won the kitchen sink in Ballarat. Again. Clearly this is bloody good news for the caravan king, Mr Gerry Ryan. And, frankly, who can begrudge him? He’s put so much into our sport over so many year. He deserves every success that comes his way. But as we reflect on the events of … More GreenENVY

The money cycle

At the risk of stating the bleeding obvious, cycling is expensive. For individuals, yes. But even more so for teams. Which brings us swiftly to the topic of sponsorship. And the never-ending tension between desperately needing money to succeed, and selling your souls to the corporate devil. Where do you draw the line? The history … More The money cycle