Selling understanding

Given we can’t all up and move to the Netherlands, improving on-road safety for Australian cyclists is a complicated issue. With decades of cultural inertia and car-focussed infrastructure to be overcome, there is no silver bullet. No one thing will solve all the problems; certainly not one that can be implemented quickly and inexpensively in … More Selling understanding

Shades of grey

For all of his loopiness Michael was right. It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white. You know why? Because life isn’t black or white. It’s grey. Especially when it comes to cycling. I’ve been involved in a couple of very interesting debates over the last few weeks concerning cycling safety. One to do with … More Shades of grey

Open to debate

If you want to create a tsunami of frenzied online commentary, just run a story on road cyclists. Doesn’t matter what the angle is. It could be about a near-fatal accident or a recent ad campaign. Bicycle registration or mandatory helmets. You could be a vehement objector or a passionate supporter. Just post your article … More Open to debate

A metre matters

The Amy Gillett Foundation is calling for action to amend the Australian Road Rules to legislate that drivers allow a minimum of 1 metre when overtaking bike riders on the road. Carbon Addiction is wholeheartedly behind this important safety campaign. If you haven’t signed up your support as yet, please do. For all of our … More A metre matters