Classic Cycling Quotes: Rio Edition

“I’ve just been asked if I’d race the #OlympicTimeTrial tomorrow (so many crashes in road race..). No TT bike etc. What do you guys reckon?” Namibian rider, Dan Craven, outsources the decision-making to his 14,000-strong Twitter following. — Craven again, reacting to the remarkable new WR set in the women’s 10,000m in Rio. — “They … More Classic Cycling Quotes: Rio Edition

Classic Cycling Quotes #112

“The relationship between two leaders in a cycling team can be like an exotic fruit – once mishandled, bruised forever.” Irish sports journalist David Walsh explains the ongoing challenges faced by Team Sky having to manage Chris Froome and Brad Wiggins, in his fascinating fly-on-the-wall book, Inside Team Sky.

Classic Cycling Quotes #110

“I’ve known several elite riders who underpinned hours of detailed, committed training a day with a diet that would have embarrassed an eight-year old trapped overnight in a sweet shop.”  Former pro cyclist from Northern Ireland, Michael Hutchinson in his book, Faster.