The great danger myth

There are many recurring conversations in road cycling. Leg shaving. Tyre choice. PEDs and TUEs. Gear ratios. Coffee preference. The list goes on. But one of the more common conversations I’ve heard a fair bit over the years goes along the lines of this: “Yeah, I’d love to race, but it’s way too dangerous. I’d … More The great danger myth

Whinge whinge whinge

Oh my, wasn’t there a cacophony of bitching and moaning in the bunch of my local crit this morning? Seriously guys, if you choose to ride – aka hide – towards the back on a narrow and technical course with 20+ riders of varying road-handling abilities in front of you, you have to expect shit … More Whinge whinge whinge

Armchair Rider’s Guide: 2013 National Championships Day 2

Cam Myer, you legend. Off the front from lap 1. And just when it looked like the field would finally haul him in…he increased his lead again. Huge ride. Hugely deserving National Champion. Makes me want go out and time trial away from the bunch myself this weekend. Shame I’m so crap. Photo: Cycling Central … More Armchair Rider’s Guide: 2013 National Championships Day 2