The great danger myth

There are many recurring conversations in road cycling. Leg shaving. Tyre choice. PEDs and TUEs. Gear ratios. Coffee preference. The list goes on. But one of the more common conversations I’ve heard a fair bit over the years goes along the lines of this: “Yeah, I’d love to race, but it’s way too dangerous. I’d … More The great danger myth

Bloody Knees

There are many telltale signs of a cyclist. Shaved legs. Early bedtimes. Tight clothes. Rampant caffeine addictions. Razor sharp tan lines. Hats with inadequate brims. Empty bank accounts. But of all of the indicators, surely the general condition of our knees is one of the most reliable? For no matter how old you are, if you’ve been … More Bloody Knees

Facing our demons

We all have our demons on the bike. For some it’s the wet. Others despise the wind. The cold cuts straight through some riders. Whilst high speed cornering gives many amongst us the absolute heebie jeebies. For FDJ’s Thibaut Pinot, however, the demon was descending. As we’ve seen time and again since the Frenchman burst … More Facing our demons

False starts

Last Sunday night Movistar’s Jose Rojas crashed in the neutral zone of Milano-San Remo. He fractured his elbow and, as such, his day actually ended even further from the finish line than the 294km race distance. Whilst not the ideal way to start the year’s first Monument (lest we forget the unlucky Spaniard also broke … More False starts

Bunch safety rant

A few weeks ago I posted about the influx of new – and newly-returned – riders that typically arrive at the start of a new year (New Year, New Riders to Look Out For). Whilst that particular post was largely praising the restraint shown by several experienced riders in a race situation who were only … More Bunch safety rant