It was only a C-grade club race. Yet remarkably by the time I arrived home from hospital from a recent crash high on codeine, there wasn’t just video footage of the incident that took me out – there were multiple angles available on Youtube, showing things from both the front and the back of the … More #shithappens

Geraint, we salute you

The further this Tour goes the more we’re loving Team Sky’s Geraint Thomas. Not because he’s 6th on GC. Or because he was sent flying off a high-speed descent by an out-of-control Warren Barguil, kissed a light post with his head, crashed into a ditch only to remount his Pinarello and still almost catch up with … More Geraint, we salute you


This crash happened in the final sprint of a Waratahs CC race at Sydney’s Landsdowne Park in August 2010. It’s a pretty amazing shot. The more you look at it, the more stories you see. Can you spot the missing rear wheel? How about the dust cloud coming off the guy’s head?

Rigohurto Uran

Columbia’s Rigoberto Uran had a rather spectacular crash whilst right in the thick of things in the World Championship road race. This is what his kit looked like after him and his bike stopped cartwheeling down the roadside.

Oh Lordy me

“I say chaps, looks like we may have a spot of bother here. Someone didn’t hold their line on that last turn now, did they young Percival? At least our hair looks good.”