Which road to take?

  It’s a dilemma facing middle-aged club racers all over Australia. You’re good, but you could be better. You’re fit, but you could be fitter. If only you had the time… There comes a time in every club racing cyclist’s life when he or she has to make a choice. Before you are two roads. … More Which road to take?

Test pilots

Did something today you don’t get to do very often. Test out a brand new criterium circuit, at the Newington Armoury near Homebush in Sydney. My club has been negotiating to race at the heritage listed site for years, and after much back and forth the paperwork finally came through last week. Huge kudos to … More Test pilots

Dopey C-Graders

If you’re in Sydney you may have seen this article (link below) by Rupert Guinness in today’s paper. A senior club official basically suggesting there are club riders doping right down to C-grade level. For what it’s worth I reckon he’s spot on, it might even run to D-grade. And I don’t just mean caffeine … More Dopey C-Graders