The steepest of challenges

I guess I’m an okay climber. Certainly nowhere (remotely) near great. But not terrible, either. Barring very rare days when the moons enigmatically align, you’ll find me inconspicuously tucked somewhere in the middle of the bunch and Strava leader boards. It’s a similar story with my sprinting, descending and general bike handling. So, it was … More The steepest of challenges

Split personality

Any other carbon addicts out there suffering from an identity crisis? It occurred to me this morning as I was racing in Sydney how much I love it. Fast, furious, technically challenging and all over in less than an hour. It’s the Twenty20 cricket of road cycling. At the same time, however, of late I’ve also … More Split personality

Ali: the greatest?

No, not that Ali. I mean my LACC club-mate, Ali, who’s currently laying down a series of simply mind-bending rides as part of the Rapha-sponsored Cent Cols Challenge across the Dolomites in Italy. Two weeks ago I did a ride of 150km which included about 2,500m of climbing, and found it pretty tough going. Well, Ali … More Ali: the greatest?

Horses for courses

I went for a decent ride the other day with a group of about twenty other riders, most of whom I’d never met before in my life. Things started out reasonably flat and fast. But towards the end we all knew the morning’s work would head skyward and involve some pretty serious climbing, roughly 15km … More Horses for courses

Pushing it, uphill

Perhaps inspired by the Ardennes Classics, most of the folks I ride with have been doing plenty of climbing lately. So it felt appropriate to share the following video from Stage 3 of the Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey which is currently taking place in, well, Turkey. It was an historic day as it saw … More Pushing it, uphill

Three ring circus

53-39-30. No, not my ideal woman. Until very recently, these were the specs of my Shimano chain rings. And boy, did I cop some stick when word got out. When my LBS sold me a new bike with triple chain rings just over a year ago, the salesman made me feel like the luckiest guy … More Three ring circus