Nasty little bastards

It’s just over fortnight since I was fortunate enough to participate in the inaugural staging of the Bowral Classic – a 3,000-rider strong gran fondo in the beautiful Southern Highlands of NSW. While the bulk of the ride (aside from the near zero degree temperatures at the starting line) was rather enjoyable, there was one … More Nasty little bastards

A pointy dilemma

Point-to-point racing is the real deal. In many ways it’s as close as most of us two-wheeled hacks will ever get to riding in a ‘proper’ road race like the pros. But having done it a few times now – and not being supported like riders in professional and semi-pro teams – it does raise … More A pointy dilemma

That’s how we roll

Last weekend’s Blayney to Bathurst was hard. But also very satisfying. The most satisfying bit of all? Being able to share about 90km of the 110km course with a couple of my clubmates from Sydney, Les and Rob. Rolling turns like a TTT. Motivating each other through the bad patches. Stuggling up the climbs shoulder … More That’s how we roll