Classic Rider Quotes #58-63 (c-/ Bike Snob NYC)

Anyone who follows the acid-laced blog Bike Snob NYC will be well aware the guy is one of world’s richest sources of scathing, yet often deeply insightful, cycling quotes. Here’s just a small (reasonably gentle) taste of his work, taken from the self-titled e-book, Bike Snob. “The world of cycling is like a big bowl … More Classic Rider Quotes #58-63 (c-/ Bike Snob NYC)

Silly Ass Bike race

The Tour of California has been run and won for another year. It seemed, from the TV coverage on SBS at least, that most locals loved it. But apparently some business owners weren’t quite so enamored. This notice, originally posted on the NYC blog, Bike Snob, appeared in the window of Joe Mama’s Coffee in … More Silly Ass Bike race