How to sell bike stuff

Coming from an advertising background myself, it’s always interesting to see how different brands try to get their messages across to us. Here’s just a small selection of campaigns from over the years. What do you think? Who’s doing it right?  

Superbowl it isn’t

Don’t know about you, but I’m already getting sick of watching the same ads over and over during the Tour de France coverage. This year’s batch is rather ordinary too, it must be said. Skoda Same idea as last year’s ad, just not as good. Also, what a rubbish premise…”10 years supporting the Tour … More Superbowl it isn’t

Advertising bikes

Cycling may be my passion. But Advertising has been my profession for over two decades. And I’m still pretty passionate about that too. Given this, and the fact I can’t post about Lance Armstrong and Mario Cipollini all the time, I thought it was high time I cast a critical eye over the advertising offerings … More Advertising bikes

beating the bike thieves

A mate had his beloved Giant TCR stolen brazenly from his garage a few weeks back. Which, apart from making me pissed off for him, and decidely paranoid about the security of my own bike, also reminded me of this wonderful press advertisement I judged at an award show a few years back. Clever.