Nasty little bastards

It’s just over fortnight since I was fortunate enough to participate in the inaugural staging of the Bowral Classic – a 3,000-rider strong gran fondo in the beautiful Southern Highlands of NSW. While the bulk of the ride (aside from the near zero degree temperatures at the starting line) was rather enjoyable, there was one … More Nasty little bastards

The myth of the Rainbow Curse

At some stage pretty much every season, usually involving Paul Sherwen, you’ll hear the term ‘Rainbow Curse’ uttered. It supposedly relates to the unconscionable burden that weighs down all UCI World Champions in the year immediately following their glorious triumph, railroading their season. Well, it’s complete bollocks. As we all know the irrepressible Peter Sagan is … More The myth of the Rainbow Curse

Classic Cycling Quotes: Rio Edition

“I’ve just been asked if I’d race the #OlympicTimeTrial tomorrow (so many crashes in road race..). No TT bike etc. What do you guys reckon?” Namibian rider, Dan Craven, outsources the decision-making to his 14,000-strong Twitter following. — Craven again, reacting to the remarkable new WR set in the women’s 10,000m in Rio. — “They … More Classic Cycling Quotes: Rio Edition

The lopsided Ashes of Olympic track cycling

     Been crunching some numbers to compare the respective track programs of Australia and Great Britain since the 2012 London Olympics Games. The results quite glaringly show what we already know. One nation is outstandingly adept at peaking its athletes for the biggest show on the planet every four years. The other is Australia. … More The lopsided Ashes of Olympic track cycling

Doping and the fine art of selective forgiveness

Selective forgiveness. def. The act of forgiving one person for their behaviour, but not forgiving another person who did the same thing. For some time now I’ve been quite fascinated, and often perplexed, observing how differently social and mainstream media react to different doping fiascos, largely dependent upon where that athlete is from. Some suggest these … More Doping and the fine art of selective forgiveness

DOWNLOAD TODAY: ‘Etape 2’, the new eBook from Carbon Addiction

Three years since the first book came out in late 2013, it’s finally here. The all-new Carbon Addiction eBook, Etape 2. If you enjoy this blog, you’re sure to find this a great read. It includes updates to many of the stories that have appeared here over the past few years, some new stuff, plus a dozen or so of … More DOWNLOAD TODAY: ‘Etape 2’, the new eBook from Carbon Addiction