Oh Lordy me

“I say chaps, looks like we may have a spot of bother here. Someone didn’t hold their line on that last turn now, did they young Percival? At least our hair looks good.”

Out on the boards, not beers

Not so long ago Friday nights used to be expensive, costing me plenty of money. And brains cells. Nowadays, for the bargain basement price of just $20 I can get a darn good workout by hitting the boards of a velodrome, instead of the overpriced beers of a pub. I still get to socialise with … More Out on the boards, not beers

Is track, is good

So, hit Dunc Gray last night for a 160-lap training session. My first ever outing on Sydney’s hallowed Olympic boards. Did I like it? Hell, yes I did. Was I scared? Maybe for about 2 minutes as I stared up at the 42 degree banking at each end of the track. But as soon as … More Is track, is good