OPINION: The short-sightedness of Australia’s Tokyo Track Obsession

Watching results filter through from the first two days of the 2020 UCI Track Cycling World Championships in Berlin has been a somewhat frustrating experience. Yes, Australia picked up silver and bronze medals in the team sprints on opening night. But it was the results from two of our blue-ribbon Tokyo medal prospects, the men’s … More OPINION: The short-sightedness of Australia’s Tokyo Track Obsession

Classic Cycling Quotes: Rio Edition

“I’ve just been asked if I’d race the #OlympicTimeTrial tomorrow (so many crashes in road race..). No TT bike etc. What do you guys reckon?” Namibian rider, Dan Craven, outsources the decision-making to his 14,000-strong Twitter following. — Craven again, reacting to the remarkable new WR set in the women’s 10,000m in Rio. — “They … More Classic Cycling Quotes: Rio Edition

The lopsided Ashes of Olympic track cycling

     Been crunching some numbers to compare the respective track programs of Australia and Great Britain since the 2012 London Olympics Games. The results quite glaringly show what we already know. One nation is outstandingly adept at peaking its athletes for the biggest show on the planet every four years. The other is Australia. … More The lopsided Ashes of Olympic track cycling

Pilot’s Licence

Each year a small but select group of elite track cyclists park their solo ambitions to achieve something very special alongside someone who, quite literally, couldn’t do it without them. Earlier this year I was fortunate enough to speak with one of the rising stars of Aussie track cycling, South Australia’s Steph Morton, to explore the inspirational … More Pilot’s Licence

Friday night at the track

Sure I may be getting older. But Friday nights are still all about hitting clubs. Nowadays, of course, it’s cycling clubs. Last night saw another impressive turnout for both the LACC junior and senior track events at Lidcombe Oval. Check it out some time if you’re in Sydney, with or without your bike.

A different type of track cycling

The translated description from Youtube: “Here is the inside view from the Evo R in the hunt for a “K”. Speeds usually around 58-60km / h, except when coasting. Location: Cologne Railway Road, just above 0 degrees outside. Unfortunately, the disc is prepared somewhat sloppy;-)” Youtube link courtesy of @AGFchairman (which I assume, but can’t … More A different type of track cycling