Why kudos is king

Yep, Strava is polarising. Indeed for every cyclist who swears by it there’s another out there more inclined to swear at it, with nothing but contempt for its very existence. By way of full disclosure I should point out, while I have no connection to Strava whatsoever, I fall very much into the former group. … More Why kudos is king

On the rack: “Seasucker” Talon Roofmounts

I haven’t used it myself. But I am fascinated by a roof rack system I stumbled across a few days ago that, potentially, renders the argument of roof versus rear-mounted systems obsolete. It’s called the Seasucker Talon, and at first glance it seems pretty ludicrous. Entrust your $3000+ steed to a few suction cups? You’ve … More On the rack: “Seasucker” Talon Roofmounts

Go uphill wheelie fast

Interesting bit of technology spotted on cnet.com by John B. It isn’t quite KERS of Formula 1 fame, but a company has invented a bike wheel that captures the energy when you brake or descend and uses it to help you power up hills. As John asks, “I wonder would they notice at Landsdowne?” (where he races). I … More Go uphill wheelie fast

How come Ikea didn’t think of it first?

Have a spare 800 Euros? Then why not sate your appetite for yet another bike with a flat-pack Sandwichbike made from German beech plywood and aluminium ‘smart cyclinders’? As Warrick said when he sent the link a little earlier today, “It’s quite cool. 17kg…mmm… maybe that’s not TOO heavy…for skinny hipsters to carry up the … More How come Ikea didn’t think of it first?

This makes me feel better

After being involved in my own similarly dumb-ass Di2 incident earlier in the year that saw me do a not-insignificant climb with only one gear, seeing this tweet from Garmin-Sharp’s Rohan Dennis yesterday made me smile. If the pros can do it, anyone can.