Welcome to Höll: 2018 World Champs Preview

More than any Men’s road race in recent Worlds memory, 2018 shapes as a wonderful lottery. Not dissimilar to finding the winner of the Melbourne Cup, you can make a solid enough argument for 30+ riders. So what will happen on Sunday night? We have no idea. But here’s what our crystal ball is suggesting … More Welcome to Höll: 2018 World Champs Preview

The truth is out there, isn’t it?

The post, below, is not about Alberto’s bike…merely inspired by the extraordinary sequence of events it triggered. In the past 36 hours, many have been openly wondering why the whole Contador ‘broken bike’ saga took off so explosively during Monday’s Stage 10 and, stoked by evermore articles and photos on social media, still won’t go away. … More The truth is out there, isn’t it?

Them’s the breaks

You know the guy? The one who spends the entire race every week trying to get off the front – but never quite succeeding. A few minutes of maniacal anaerobic suffering, followed by a near bonk, followed by several minutes hanging off the back desperately trying to recover. Then sneaking back up the outside and … More Them’s the breaks

S#itting in

Drafting. Sitting in. Wheelsucking. It has many names. But whilst it’s one thing to do it in your own grade when racing, doing it with another grade that’s passed you? Well, that’s just not on. In the last few weeks I’ve experienced this low act a couple of times. On one occasion two of the … More S#itting in

The art of the start

Fascinating to watch the start of Stage 18, streamed live by Cycling Central. The attacks and counter attacks as the day’s break tries to establish itself. We don’t usually get to see this part of the stages, but it’s just as tactical as the finishing kms. Loving it.