Magpie 6, cyclist nil

So, I thought I’d try exploring a private road I’d never ridden before this morning alongside some local heritage parklands in the Sydney suburb of Concord. Turns out it was a dead end and, worse, it was also home to a rather feisty magpie. He attacked me out of the blue the first time. But … More Magpie 6, cyclist nil

The who, what & why of QLD’s cycling safety trials

The following article was actually slated to appear in the upcoming issue of Bicycling Australia. But as sometimes happens, there were too many articles and not enough pages. It’s a fair bit longer than the usual posts here, but if you’ve ever tried to get a handle on exactly what is happening in the Sunshine State … More The who, what & why of QLD’s cycling safety trials

Why do we ride?

A million different people will have a million different reasons. But whatever ours happens to be, however common or obscure, we’re all connected by our common love for riding. So when a club-mate, Chris, recently suggested it might be interesting to find out some of those reasons, it seemed like a pretty good idea. Maybe you’ve … More Why do we ride?

Trucking idiot

Last Friday a good friend of mine, AJ, set off to ride 800km+ in four days as part of a small group from the Gold Coast to Central Coast. While I’m delighted to say he has made it safely home I’m less pleased to report the final half of his journey was by train, not bike. A nasty … More Trucking idiot

Why kudos is king

Yep, Strava is polarising. Indeed for every cyclist who swears by it there’s another out there more inclined to swear at it, with nothing but contempt for its very existence. By way of full disclosure I should point out, while I have no connection to Strava whatsoever, I fall very much into the former group. … More Why kudos is king

The Sirens

No need to look at the clock radio. Your internal body clock tells you it’s 4:45am. And it most certainly is. Time to rise and prepare for your ubiquitous early morning ride. Except that unlike the previous six months, the season has most certainly changed in recent weeks, and the chill on your nose and … More The Sirens