So, barely three days into 2015 and there’s a global cluster f**k of confusion erupting on every cycling addict’s favourite app, Strava. Sure it may be a colossal first world problem, but I really don’t get why the whole 2015 KOM was necessary in the first place. I know we’re all ‘cup whores’ and derive no end … More KOM WTF

POLL: Worst kit ever?

We’ve posted about terrible cycling kits on Carbon Addiction before. But after stumbling across the truly dreadful design (immediately below) from a Columbian women’s team recently, it made us think perhaps it’s time to put things to a vote. Here you’ll find what we feel are five of the all-time worst cycling kit designs plus Mario Cipollini. Let us know which you … More POLL: Worst kit ever?

POLL: Should the National Championships course change each year?

Plenty of debate, for and against, in response to our post this morning, including several top current riders having their say (https://carbonaddiction.net/2014/01/13/same-same/). What do you think? Should the Australian National Road Championship course remain effectively the same year on year at Buninyong? Or should organisers change things up a bit to give other riders a fighting … More POLL: Should the National Championships course change each year?

Change the world

Not sure if you’ve seen this yet? But the UCI is currently asking pretty much the entire planet to share its opinions on the state of world cycling. It takes a while to complete, but if you care about the sport, surely it’s worth it? Of course, whether the UCI actually does anything constructive from … More Change the world

Wet vs Warm

It rained pretty hard in Sydney this morning. Whilst all my gear was set out in the lounge room, as always, ready for me to hit the road on my usual Tuesday training ride…I never made it out of bed. Sure I felt a little guilty, but I reckon I did the right thing. Of … More Wet vs Warm