Forget skin suit. There have been plenty of cyclists who’ve gone the birthday suit over the years, usually in the interest of publicity. In more recent times Britain’s former Track World and Olympic Champion Victoria Pendleton has revealed all for the cameras on several occasions, including a pre-2012 London Olympics shoot for GQ magazine. While … More RAW POWER

Bearded wonder

Last December I was lucky enough to spend a weekend riding in the Victorian High Country with a small group of passionate rolleurs – and an extraordinarily talented photographer named Marcus who goes by the stage name of Beardy McBeard. Most Sydney club racers will know him, as he’s rather hard to miss with his … More Bearded wonder


This crash happened in the final sprint of a Waratahs CC race at Sydney’s Landsdowne Park in August 2010. It’s a pretty amazing shot. The more you look at it, the more stories you see. Can you spot the missing rear wheel? How about the dust cloud coming off the guy’s head?

Not writing, shooting

I spend my most of my time writing about cycling. But sometimes I photograph it too. Which is why I’ve just set up a parallel photo blog at http://carbonaddictionphoto.wordpress.com/. Feel free to view, comment and share. And if you’re ever really keen on a particular shot, hi-res copies are available for purchase.

Friday night at the track

Sure I may be getting older. But Friday nights are still all about hitting clubs. Nowadays, of course, it’s cycling clubs. Last night saw another impressive turnout for both the LACC junior and senior track events at Lidcombe Oval. Check it out some time if you’re in Sydney, with or without your bike.