Everyone else has an opinion on the Chris Froome salbutamol situation. Here’s ours… (1) IT ISN’T EVEN CLOSE Okay, we get it. Mistakes happen. But for any rider to register TWICE the legally accepted amount of a WADA-monitored substance in their body is rather a lot. At best it’s sloppy and unprofessional. At worst it’s … More FROOME vs SALBUTAMOL: 6 OBSERVATIONS

Paleo vs Cyclist

Right upfront, I am not the dieting type. I do not need to lose weight. I consider myself to be fitter than 95% of the adult population. But when my partner recently suggested we do a one-month cleansing diet known as Whole30, I figured why not give it crack. As I write this I’m on … More Paleo vs Cyclist


In recent days the conversation amongst many of my riding mates has shifted to the issue of supplements. Or, more specifically, whether they actually make much difference for hack riders like the majority of us? Of course EPO has received a mention as it always does, as has colostrum and creatine. But without doubt some of the most interesting … More Morning glory (WARNING: ADULT THEMES)

Musical bottles

The cycle of life for a bidon on a hot day is a fascinating thing. It’s no better demonstrated than last Saturday’s Grafton to Inverell Classic, where temperatures up on the Gibraltar range and beyond soared well into the high 30s, accompanied by fierce head and crosswinds. At the post-race awards dinner, the organisers announced they’d handed … More Musical bottles

Who said “steroids”?

Funny moment at dinner last Friday when premium winemaker and diesel-powered cyclist, Sam Miranda, explained the variety of red we were enjoying was like “Shiraz on steroids.” Everyone stopped and all eyes shot across the table at our special guest, Richie Porte. The Tasmanian Athlete of the Year froze for a moment too. Then the … More Who said “steroids”?

Mmmmmm, donuts

If Homer Simpson was a cyclist this would surely be his race. The annual Tour de Donut – yep, such a thing really exists – is now in its 25th year and in 2013 attracted around 1,400 riders to the 34 mile (54.7km) course in Staunton, Illinois, complete with two designated donut stops. Donut consumption is … More Mmmmmm, donuts