Loyalty, money and the future of domestic cycling

In light of yesterday’s confirmation from Cycling Australia that Channel 9 and Fox have replaced SBS as the contracted TV broadcasters for Australian domestic cycling for the next two seasons, this article from Cycling Tips is well worth a read, as are the comments. It explains things pretty well, and for what it’s worth, I generally agree … More Loyalty, money and the future of domestic cycling

Terrible reception for world’s best cyclists

The fourth instalment of the USA Pro Challenge is currently taking place in Colorado. Whilst the scenery is undeniably magnificent one thing that’s been hard not to notice is the diabolically sketchy TV reception the coverage periodically suffers from given the trinity of challenges posed by demanding terrain, epic altitude and constantly-changing alpine weather. The final kilometres of … More Terrible reception for world’s best cyclists

The who, what & why of QLD’s cycling safety trials

The following article was actually slated to appear in the upcoming issue of Bicycling Australia. But as sometimes happens, there were too many articles and not enough pages. It’s a fair bit longer than the usual posts here, but if you’ve ever tried to get a handle on exactly what is happening in the Sunshine State … More The who, what & why of QLD’s cycling safety trials

The truth is out there, isn’t it?

The post, below, is not about Alberto’s bike…merely inspired by the extraordinary sequence of events it triggered. In the past 36 hours, many have been openly wondering why the whole Contador ‘broken bike’ saga took off so explosively during Monday’s Stage 10 and, stoked by evermore articles and photos on social media, still won’t go away. … More The truth is out there, isn’t it?

Sad but true

With the ongoing on-road and online aggravation, media sensationalism and pointlessly exhausting debate over bike rego, this quote quite often rings true at the moment. Sigh.

Now what?

Fair to say in the last 72 hours there’s been an avalanche of comment and debate resulting from the shocking bike/car incidents in Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide in recent days – not to mention Monday’s taxi dooring in Melbourne. Social media trolls aside, if anything good is to come of these incidents, here’s the thing. … More Now what?

Dear Mr Pascoe…

Dear Mr Pascoe, I studied Economics for two years at high school and, frankly, was rather shithouse at it. God awful from the first lesson with my long-suffering teacher, Mr Crawford, to my last. I left high school knowing very well it was words which held the key to my future, not numbers. Accordingly, since … More Dear Mr Pascoe…