One journey ends, another begins…

One journey ends, and another begins…or does it? As the hourglass sands of life slowly trickle down, you come to appreciate every passing year shares much in common with a long bicycle ride. The mere passing of time ensures the journey is always, ultimately, a linear one. But it is rarely a straight line. Rather … More One journey ends, another begins…

The myth of the Rainbow Curse

At some stage pretty much every season, usually involving Paul Sherwen, you’ll hear the term ‘Rainbow Curse’ uttered. It supposedly relates to the unconscionable burden that weighs down all UCI World Champions in the year immediately following their glorious triumph, railroading their season. Well, it’s complete bollocks. As we all know the irrepressible Peter Sagan is … More The myth of the Rainbow Curse


Forget skin suit. There have been plenty of cyclists who’ve gone the birthday suit over the years, usually in the interest of publicity. In more recent times Britain’s former Track World and Olympic Champion Victoria Pendleton has revealed all for the cameras on several occasions, including a pre-2012 London Olympics shoot for GQ magazine. While … More RAW POWER

Off the beaten track: Sonny Clissold interview

Late last year, while on assignment in northern NSW for Bicycling Australia magazine, I had the great pleasure of spending a pleasant morning with Moree cycling doyen Sonny Clissold. Some of our chat made it into the magazine. But a lot of great yarns about the country cycling scene didn’t. Rather than be lost forever, figured … More Off the beaten track: Sonny Clissold interview