Pantani: The Accidental Death of a Cyclist (REVIEW)

From the outset you know this is no Hollywood fairytale. There is no happy ending. The guy dies at just 34, depressed, alone and coked out of his mind. But whilst we know precisely where the storyline is heading, this is still a compelling piece of filmmaking from Emmy-nominated director, James Erskine. The powerfully made 90-minute … More Pantani: The Accidental Death of a Cyclist (REVIEW)

MacAskill rides Epecuén

Welcome to Mr MacAskill’s latest feast for the senses, this time shot amongst the ruins of Epecuén, an abandoned spa town in Argentina that was never rebuilt after being engulfed by a seiche, or standing wave, in November 1985. Is it just me, or does the road at the start look remarkably like the straight at Heffron?

A different type of track cycling

The translated description from Youtube: “Here is the inside view from the Evo R in the hunt for a “K”. Speeds usually around 58-60km / h, except when coasting. Location: Cologne Railway Road, just above 0 degrees outside. Unfortunately, the disc is prepared somewhat sloppy;-)” Youtube link courtesy of @AGFchairman (which I assume, but can’t … More A different type of track cycling

Martyn Ashton returns

About a year ago Martyn Ashton wowed us with some truly outrageous bike handling and trick riding on his Pinarello in the Youtube hit “Road Bike Party.” Well, a new video has been released showing him in action for the sequel “Road Bike Party 2”, this time on a red Colnago, and it’s just as … More Martyn Ashton returns