If you can’t beat ’em…

You may recall a great pic of Dan Martin en route to winning Liege-Bastogne-Liege earlier this year – being chased by a fan in a panda suit. Well, the Irishman is currently racing in China at the Tour of Beijing, and this, I’m assured, is him – showing he has quite a sense of humour.

The hybrid bike store

Part bike shop. Part art gallery. Part cafe. Part showroom. Part clubhouse. If you haven’t been to your LBS lately you may end up thinking WTF the next time you do. For some of the transformations are, frankly, amazing. Mambo founder Dare Jenning’s did it with motorbikes a decade ago with the outrageously-cool-at-the-time-but-then-it-went-mainstream, Deus ex … More The hybrid bike store

Who are you?

Have you ever noticed how people we know well can seem like complete strangers when we see them out of the usual context? On more than one occasion over the years I’ve been guilty of walking straight past one of my club or riding pals at the shops; not because I was being rude, but … More Who are you?

Commuter fashion

Disc wheel on his fixie. Red chain. Tri-bar option should he choose to do some peak hour time trialling. Crazy seat (with oversized saddle bag) that appears to colour match his gloves. You’re looking at the future, folks. Ready?