Musical bottles

The cycle of life for a bidon on a hot day is a fascinating thing. It’s no better demonstrated than last Saturday’s Grafton to Inverell Classic, where temperatures up on the Gibraltar range and beyond soared well into the high 30s, accompanied by fierce head and crosswinds. At the post-race awards dinner, the organisers announced they’d handed … More Musical bottles

My, what a lovely pair

A century or so ago when life was simpler, so too were cycling shoes. Long before marketing departments ruled the world, a rider’s feet were far more humbly shod than they are today. Typically boasting leather and laces with perhaps timber insoles and even toeclips, most looked pretty similar and by all reports performed pretty similarly too. … More My, what a lovely pair

Stolen babies

You may not be able to watch the footy on it. Or catch up on the day’s news. But by all reports from local police and insurers, break and enter thieves now see road bikes as the new flat screen televisions – even better, in many ways – as unlike a heavy and awkward 60” … More Stolen babies

Why kudos is king

Yep, Strava is polarising. Indeed for every cyclist who swears by it there’s another out there more inclined to swear at it, with nothing but contempt for its very existence. By way of full disclosure I should point out, while I have no connection to Strava whatsoever, I fall very much into the former group. … More Why kudos is king

Classic Rider Quotes #96

On the subject of bike lights, this wonderful description caught my eye recently in an ebook entitled ‘The Bluffers Guide to Cycling’ by Rob Ainsley. “Cheap ones (light) are the reality show celebs of bike equipment: flashy, dim, and soon fall to pieces.” Funny, but pretty accurate.

On the rack: “Seasucker” Talon Roofmounts

I haven’t used it myself. But I am fascinated by a roof rack system I stumbled across a few days ago that, potentially, renders the argument of roof versus rear-mounted systems obsolete. It’s called the Seasucker Talon, and at first glance it seems pretty ludicrous. Entrust your $3000+ steed to a few suction cups? You’ve … More On the rack: “Seasucker” Talon Roofmounts