#1 Stephen Hodge Criterium Circuit: ‘Cock & Balls’

Welcome to the first in a new series of essentially useless GPS Strava segment analyses. Of zero value to pretty much anyone, we take closer look at the overhead views of popular segments and race circuits from the world of Strava to see what they reveal about those who create and/or ride them – all … More #1 Stephen Hodge Criterium Circuit: ‘Cock & Balls’

Friday night at the track

Sure I may be getting older. But Friday nights are still all about hitting clubs. Nowadays, of course, it’s cycling clubs. Last night saw another impressive turnout for both the LACC junior and senior track events at Lidcombe Oval. Check it out some time if you’re in Sydney, with or without your bike.

Join the club

Cycling is a resilient beast. Despite a never-ending paceline of controversy and muck raking at the elite level, you just need to look around to see the sport is booming in Australia at a grass roots level. Bikes sales are off the scale. Riders of all ages can be seen pounding the pedals pretty much … More Join the club