My, what a lovely pair

A century or so ago when life was simpler, so too were cycling shoes. Long before marketing departments ruled the world, a rider’s feet were far more humbly shod than they are today. Typically boasting leather and laces with perhaps timber insoles and even toeclips, most looked pretty similar and by all reports performed pretty similarly too. … More My, what a lovely pair

Grand Poster

Not long to go until the 101st TdF folks. My excitement hit a new level when I saw this hugely classy Grand Depart poster this morning. Nice job, Yorkshire and ASO. Very nice.

#1 Stephen Hodge Criterium Circuit: ‘Cock & Balls’

Welcome to the first in a new series of essentially useless GPS Strava segment analyses. Of zero value to pretty much anyone, we take closer look at the overhead views of popular segments and race circuits from the world of Strava to see what they reveal about those who create and/or ride them – all … More #1 Stephen Hodge Criterium Circuit: ‘Cock & Balls’