Use your head, by protecting it

In the last 10 months I’ve spent more than $1000 on new hemlets. That’s a nice set of race wheels. A pretty decent track bike. Three pairs of top notch shoes. Two new Garmins or Scion bike boxes. Or about 500 gels. But having just hit the deck for the third time in 2013 – … More Use your head, by protecting it

Open to debate

If you want to create a tsunami of frenzied online commentary, just run a story on road cyclists. Doesn’t matter what the angle is. It could be about a near-fatal accident or a recent ad campaign. Bicycle registration or mandatory helmets. You could be a vehement objector or a passionate supporter. Just post your article … More Open to debate

I see red

So I shot a video on the way to work yesterday (click the link or pic to watch it). I have no idea who any of these people are. And, frankly, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is this type of thing happens hundreds if not thousands of times every morning and evening in cities … More I see red

Bikes versus bikes

Just like everyone else on planet Earth I live in a glass house. So I am loathe to throw stones. However, as regular readers of this blog will well know this whole cars versus bikes thing in the media right now has really fired me up. And, having spent the last 4 weeks working in … More Bikes versus bikes

Terrorists on wheels

It’s true. We’re bloody everywhere on the roads these days. You can’t leave your driveway without seeing us lot in ever-increasing numbers. And we’re a danger to society; rolling accidents waiting to happen as we clog roads every morning and evening on the daily commute. When they invariably happen, the financial, physical and emotional cost … More Terrorists on wheels