Mutterings of another bloody cyclist

Seems like a good time to repost this story from last year. Still agree with everything in it. Fewer stereotypes and greater tolerance/awareness hold the key to a safer and more harmonious future on Australian roads. For all road users. Apologies for having a little rant here everyone. But with the new cycling laws coming … More Mutterings of another bloody cyclist

The who, what & why of QLD’s cycling safety trials

The following article was actually slated to appear in the upcoming issue of Bicycling Australia. But as sometimes happens, there were too many articles and not enough pages. It’s a fair bit longer than the usual posts here, but if you’ve ever tried to get a handle on exactly what is happening in the Sunshine State … More The who, what & why of QLD’s cycling safety trials

Now what?

Fair to say in the last 72 hours there’s been an avalanche of comment and debate resulting from the shocking bike/car incidents in Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide in recent days – not to mention Monday’s taxi dooring in Melbourne. Social media trolls aside, if anything good is to come of these incidents, here’s the thing. … More Now what?

Pedal Power

I use Shimano pedals. No particular reason other than that’s what my first road bike came with, and inertia is a powerful force. I’ve been told on many an occasion I should try switching to Speedplay, which may well be good advice. But after touching down at the Tour Down Under in Adelaide last week, … More Pedal Power

Blind spots

Another pretty graphic demonstration of just how vulnerable cyclists are on the open roads, sent in by Daz (via Waz). Even the most well-meaning motorists who want to do the right thing can’t if they don’t see you. Be careful out there people.